Richard Moody, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Director and Supervisor

Richard Moody - also known as Doc - received a Masters Degree in Counseling and Physiological Psychology and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Utah State University. Specializing in the assessment and treatment of adults and adolescents, Doc has been instrumental in establishing three residential youth treatment programs in Utah. His current work at TurningLeaf Wellness Center focuses on depression, anxiety, and addictions recovery. He has developed four intensive emotional growth seminars, numerous workshops, and has been a featured keynote speaker around the country.

Prior to co-founding TurningLeaf Wellness Center in 2005, Dr. Moody's career accomplishments encompassed working with the Department of Corrections in Southern Utah, the Board of Pardons, Fifth District Adult and Juvenile Courts, more than two decades of private practice, a two-year LDS Mission, and seven years with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). His professional achievements include:

  • Fellow of International College of Prescribing Psychologists
  • Member of American Psychological Association
  • Member of the Substance Abuse Network

Doc keeps active by playing racquetball, hunting, working in his yard growing fruit trees, and spending time with his wife of 43 years, their 6 children, and 22 grandchildren.

Dean Nixon
Seminar Director
Life Coach / Personal Development Seminar Facilitator

Dean has a remarkable ability to connect with people and puts his heart and soul into making each seminar a life-enhancing journey. With more than 20 years' experience in the mental health and addiction industry, Dean guides seminar participants in a safe, non-judgmental environment. His attitude helps create balance, provides personal development, and serves as a catalyst for success, growth and healing. He values helping people connect with their true self, giving seminar participants the tools they need in order to move forward toward peace and happiness. Dean's down-to-earth attitude makes him easy to identify with and his unconditional acceptance of people puts them at ease.

Dean has been instrumental in the creation and success of several local treatment centers specializing in substance abuse recovery, emotional management, life coaching, and adolescent outpatient treatment.

Dean's desire to help others resulted in the creation of "The Value Based Parenting" classes, workshops, and CDs, giving parents knowledge and tools to motivate their children using love for a mindset; it is a positive and affirming way to teach healthy boundaries, which children will use to govern themselves as they get older.

Born and raised in Utah, Dean enjoys spending time with his wife and five children, rock climbing, fishing, camping, and riding his motorcycle.



Anaseini Liumeitupou Wright

Anaseini Liumeitupou Wright, or Pou (pronounced, "Bo"), is a Program Director at CHOICE, LLC, a company co-founded by the owners of Turning Leaf Wellness Center. CHOICE, LLC has been in operation since January of 2012 and focuses on implementing the Value Based Parenting in the home.

Pou earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. However, her true passion for the past 20 years has always been working with at-risk youth in and out of residential treatment facilities. She began as a youth worker, working her way into the position of Residential/Program Director at two different times before becoming the Program Director for the CHOICE program. Pou is also a Value Based Parenting Coach, an Emotional Growth Seminar staff member, and a Mandt Certified trainer (2004-2005).

Pou's passion for helping people realize their value and worth has brought hope and direction to those she has mentored, inspiring many to see the value in shifting the direction of their lives. Her solid work ethic, integrity and fierce commitment to strong leadership is evident in her ability to create and empower strong teams who bring out the best in themselves and those they work with. Pou knows that those who are working to better themselves and their relationships, this dedication shows up in the work they do.

Pou loves the challenge that comes along with working with at-risk youth. Some of her favorite quotes are, "find your value from within," and "unconditional love can only be experienced when you have unconditional acceptance of self first." Her loyalty and commitment to the team and her desire to move forward create a strong foundation for Pou to bring stability and care to the CHOICE program. Pou is an advocate for kids and understands the importance of their voice being heard. Her open and accepting attitude encourages those around her to let go, be who they are, and have fun learning.

Pou is known for her laugh - she laughs easily and loudly and her enthusiasm is contagious. She sees the interesting and fun aspects of life, showing the youth that finding the positive in situations can shift perspectives and make their whole journey more enjoyable. "You work hard, you play hard," is a motto Pou shares with the kids and lives by example. By following through on her own advice, Pou inspires kids to be accountable for following through on the things they say they will do also.

Pou has a unique ability to relate to the kids she works with, drawing upon her own childhood and young adulthood experiences. Born in San Mateo, California and raised in San Bruno, California, Pou is the youngest in a family of three brothers and one sister. Pou values being a mom and is an example of strength and dedication to her four beautiful children.

Influencing youths to discover their self worth and use their voice comes naturally for Pou, and we feel blessed that she is choosing to pursue this passion through the CHOICE program.

M. James Evertsen II

M. James Evertsen II is the Lead Coach at Lions Gate Adult Treatment. In addition, James has worked in treatment centers for 10 years with experience at Sunhawk Academy, Eagle Ranch Academy, Provo Canyon School and Red Rock Canyon School. He has attended Dixie State College and Utah Valley University and has plans to obtain his LMFT in Psychology. His passion for helping others receive the treatment they need has motivated him to pave the way for others to experience that same sense of relief and accomplishment.

As a sober member of Alcoholics anonymous, James continues to work his steps and sponsor others. James recalls one particular counselor who inspired him to adopt a new perspective and change the direction of his life, and James hopes to bring the same sense of hope to others he works with. He has attended the four levels of TurningLeaf's seminars (some multiple times) and often returns to staff the seminars for others. He has shared his recovery story at AA and CA conventions, revealing the ways the steps have come alive in his own life, and connecting with others who are committed to living their steps.

James is a strong member of an outstanding team, and together they hold each other accountable for meeting their commitments and share the results of their successes. Their incredible team synergy gives the team member the ability to implement the same values within their own families. By far, James considers his eight-year old son his greatest accomplishment and works toward being a good example for him in every way.

James is the oldest of five children and grew up in St. George. His parents, who are happily married, are a great inspiration to him, his brother and his three sisters as they model the dedication and commitment required of a strong marriage. James feels blessed to have grown up in such a beautiful, small town where he attended school, and where he has discovered a career he loves, helping adolescents and adults in treatment.

When James isn't inspiring and supporting others, he loves spending time with his son, nephews and nieces. He always makes time to incorporate play into his life, and you may find him playing basketball or Xbox in his spare time. James places a great value on desire, hope, faith and love, and you'll often hear James say, "If you can't have fun, then why do it?" He lives by this imperative and puts others at ease by reminding them that it's okay to enjoy the process even when it's difficult.
James brings a unique perspective and a stable influence to the CHOICE team, and we value his dedication and commitment to helping others discover their own intrinsic value.