The CHOICE philosophy is centered on giving kids a voice by providing a Value Based Parenting governing system in the home. Value Based Parenting empowers parents with the knowledge and tools to instill and reinforce integrity,structure, principals and morals for their children to carry into adulthood. Develop positive and affirming values and give your child the confidence to create and enforce healthy boundaries that will serve them inside and outside of their home.

CHOICE also helps unify families by putting both parents on the same value-based track. It allows the family to immediately see and solve problems within the family. Our value system creates within the family members to know the right choices for them.

CHOICE is about helping everyone in the family understand why we do what we do. Learning to communicate in healthy ways, teaching the importance of respect in the home will create an environment that is safe for all family members. By instilling the Value Based Parenting program, parents will learn how to structure time, create time, seek and ask questions that will give their children a desire to answer. In return, this will teach your children accountability, responsibility, the feeling of being safe emotionally and physically. It will teach your children to have confidence in themselves and most important to value themselves.

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